Top 20 Albums

1. Within Temptation, 'Silent Force'
2. Nightwish, 'Dark Passion Play'
3. Edenbridge, 'The Grand Design'
4. Mostly Autumn, 'Passengers'
5. Roswell Six, 'Terra Incognita'
6. Whyzdom, 'From the Brink of Infinity'
7. Epica, 'Consign to Oblivion'
8. Leaves Eyes, 'Njord'
9. Sirenia, 'The 13th Floor'
10. Beto Vasquez Infinity, 'Infinity'
11. Tarja, 'Winter Storm'
12. Magion, 'Close to Eternity'
13. Stream of Passion, 'Embrace the Storm'
14. Lunatica, 'The Edge of Infinity'
15. The Last Embrace, 'Aeriel'
16. Yotangor, 'The King of the Universe'
17. Delia, 'Recollection'
18. Chapter II, 'Angelface'
19. Angtoria, 'God Has a Plan For Us All'
20. Wildpath, 'Non Omin Mor'