Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend From Mars - 'Push' official video

Brand new video from the fantastic French power pop/rock band Weekend on Mars, taken from their album 'Rumors on the Town'.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mandragora Scream - 'Breaking Dawn' official video

Top Italian gothic metallers Mandragora Scream with their official video of 'Breaking Dawn' taken from their latest release, 'Volturna'.

Omega Lithium - 'Stigmata' official video

Official video from the Croatian goth metallers Omega Lithium, taken from their debut album 'Dreams in Formaline'.

Nova Orbis - 'Love Remains' live

Nova Orbis performing 'Love Remains', taken from their excellent debut CD 'Imago'.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pythia - 'Sarah (Bury Her)' official video

British Ravenheart faves Pythia with their official video of 'Sarah (Bury Her)' taken from their debut album 'Beneath the Veiled Embrace'.

Whyzdom - 'Daughter of the Night' live

Superb French group Whyzdom playing 'Daughter of the Night' from their debut album, 'From the Brink of Infinity'.

Yotangor - 'All About Love' official video

Video from the amazing French rock band Yotangor, taken from from their incredible debut double album, 'King of the Universe'.

Chapter II - 'Seventh Hour' official video

The utterly fantastic Chapter II featuring one of the greatest singers on the planet, Natalie Chandra, taken from their debut album 'Angelface'. If this doesn't make you dance, check your pulse!

Anthropia - ' The Alter of Trust' official video

'The Alter of Trust' by Anthropia, taken from the French band's moving new album, 'Chain Reaction'.

Glass Delirium - 'Beside Myself' official video

'Beside Myself' taken from the debut album by Glass Delirium, 'Thanks to a Monster's Many Heads'.

Bare Infinity - 'Always Forever' official video

The title track from the debut album by the superb Bare Infinity , 'Always Forever'.