Friday, October 5, 2012

Souls of Diotima - 'What Remains of the Day' official video

Italian symphonic gothic metallers Souls of Diotima return with the title track from their terrific new album,'What Remains of the Day'.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Downcast Art - 'Home of Silence' live

Symphonic metallers Downcast Art from Croatia with a live performance of their song 'Home of Silence', from their album 'Forbidden Memories' .

Doris Brendel - 'She Just Won't Eat' official video

British artist Doris Brendel with a song from her new album with Lee Dunham, 'Not Utopia'.

Dharma - 'One By One' official video

Hungarian gothic rockers Dharma with a song from their new album, the wonderfully titled 'Dharmageddon'.

Lachaise - 'Whispering Voice' official video

Lachaise, the Italian symphonic gothic metal band with the French name, return with a track from their new second album,'In A State of Oblivion'.

Weeping Silence - 'Love Lies Bleeding' official video

The Maltese Symphonic Metal masters Weeping Silence with a track from their immense new third album, 'For the Unsung', out now on Ravenheart Records!

Yotangor - 'Anonymous' official video

Awesome French symphonic rockers Yotangor with the terrific opening track to their new album 'We Speak'