Friday, August 23, 2013

Purple Nail - 'Bring Me Down' official video

Swedish symphonic gothic metal band 'Purple Nail' with a rocking track from their debut album 'Night Lights'.

The Fallacy - 'Drops of Fire' official video

Chilean gothic rock/metal band The Fallacy with a song from their debut album 'Love Division'.

Magenta - 'The Lizard King' official video

Top Welsh symphonic prog band Magenta return with a terrific tune form their new album 'The Twenty Seven Club'.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Elferya - 'Fairytale' official video

Superb Swiss symphonic Metal band Elferya with a song from their delightful debut album 'The Straight and Narrow'.

Arven - 'Believe' official video

German symphonic metal band Arven with a track from their new album 'Black is the Colour'

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hand of God - 'Start Again' official video

Greek guitar virtuoso Theodore Ziras with his new gothic metal band Hand of God, from the self titled debut album.

Face Off - 'Fragile' official video

Face Off from Belgrade with a song from their debut album 'The Colour of Rain'.

Darkrya Black - 'Tears By Candlelight' official video

New Australian singer Darkyra Black with the first single from her debut album 'Dragon Tears'.

Secrets of Sin - 'Inside' official video

New German symphonic metal band 'Secrets of Sin' with a song from their debut album 'Future Memories'.

Highlight Kenosis - 'If the World is Going Down' official video

Fabulous Romanian/German/Brazilian rock band Highlight Kenosis with a song from their terrific new album 'Shield of Faith'.